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L’Oreal Excellence Permanent Hair Colour 8 Natural Blonde

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Joop! homme/man, Eau de Toilette Vaporisateur

cassia dye

 Cassia is a premium cassia which is used to strengthen and condition hair and can dye pale or gray hair golden wheat color.

Zekhara Cassia
Cassia is our finest cassia; it is used to strengthen and condition hair. Cassia can also dye pale or gray hair golden wheat color. It is our most finely sifted Cassia. It can be used to condition fragile damaged hair without stressing the hair.

Henna Hair Dye Light Blonde

Light Blonde Henna is the ideal for creating a natural sun streaking effect. This natural hair color contains chamomile and marigold flower to naturally bring out highlights and/or blend graying roots. Please note: Henna will not lighten naturally dark hair, but can bring out any natural highlights.

L’Oréal Paris Excellence Creme

If you have dark hair and wish to dye it blonde, you need to be able to use bleach. More than that, you need to know how to use it safely to mitigate any potential harm. You don’t have to end up as another bleach horror story, and by learning a little about how it works and what it can and can’t do, you’ll have hair that turns heads for all the right reasons.

How bleach works Read more


How To Make Cleansers At Home
1. Clean Sweep
One of the oldest methods of cleansing the face is with oil. This is especially beneficial for mature skins, which tend to be dry. Apply a thin layer of almond or sunflower oil
 all over your face, including the neck and eyelids, and gently rub in for a minute or two. Remove with
cotton wool. Read more

Ritual of sakura body cream

Ritual of sakura body cream

We’re always up for a spa day – but while our skin loves those luxe body treatments and aromatherapy oils, our budget isn’t a fan. Luckily, we can be kind to our skin and our bank account with this decadent body cream from Rituals. Special technology makes this air-whipped formula velvety soft, ultra-nourishing, and easy to apply, while the natural ingredients of rice milk and cherry leave our skin beautifully scented. Trust us, it’ll feel like you’ve spent the afternoon at a five star retreat.

Smooth the cream all over your body daily, paying special attention to rough patches like elbows and knees.

Belly Fat Burner Slimming Cream Gel

It Works 80gram  Fat bursting treatments break down fatty issues keep you slim .

Massage gel contains a refreshing cooling effect that revives tired and loose fat. Brazilian coffee and seaweed extracts firm up body for a sleek and slim appearance, while mint extract cools and invigorates skin. For rejuvenated and more attractive curves, massage gel on body before going to sleep, no need to rinse off. Read more

Ancient Chinese Beauty Secrets for Better Skin

Chinese medicine is largely based on knowing which herbs and roots can treat certain conditions—skincare included. Thus, it should come as no surprise that women in ancient China relied largely on herbs to keep their skin looking radiant. “Bei Qi, Huang Qi, and Goji are three herbs often used in traditional Chinese medicine for skincare,” Brian explains. “These herbs can be used topically—Bei Qi is known for improving skin clarity; Huang Qi is great for revitalizing tired, aging skin; and Goji is known to defend skin against aging.” To know exactly which ones to choose and how to use them topically, Brian recommends going to an herbal clinic or Chinese pharmacy. “The ratio may vary for your skin type, concern, age, and other factors,” she says. Read more

How to Dye Your Hair With Coffee

Dying your hair is not always an easy choice to make. Especially considering all the heavy chemicals in the dyes used in salons and home kits. Luckily, you can darken you hair naturally using coffee. This method is especially ideal for expecting mothers or people who want a less permanent coloring. All you need is some coffee and conditioner!

 Brew some coffee. Brew about 1–2 cups (240–470 ml) of organic coffee. The coffee should be organic, because non-organic coffees usually have added chemicals and preservatives. Be sure to use a dark roast coffee or espresso. This will help make sure your hair will darken with the coffee. Make this brew strong, by adding a little bit more coffee than 1–2 cups (240–470 ml) calls for. Read more